Campbell Hill (1,550 feet) Ohio Highpoint – February 29, 2012


Summit Geomarker

Summit Geomarker

I had held off doing the highpoint in my own state, because I felt that it would be easy to grab at any point, and I just wasn’t going to make a special trip to Bellefontaine, Ohio to get it. It turned out that I had a work trip that took me right across the middle of Ohio, and the route had the potential to drive within a mile of Campbell Hill, the high point of Ohio. Since I was with another coworker, I decided that I wouldn’t drive out of our way just for the highpoint, but I would let the GPS chose the route, and if it chose to drive through Bellefontaine, then I would take 20 minutes to get Campbell Hill. As we got through Columbus, I checked the GPS route, and sure enough it was sending us through Bellefontaine. So, I asked my coworker if we could plan for a 20 minute break in order to summit the highest point in Ohio. He was ok with it, and the plan was set into motion.

Summit Sign

Summit Sign

We arrived in Bellefontaine just after lunch, and took the highway exit towards Campbell Hill. It was only about a mile off the highway. The final turn – right – was into a gated career training center, which was open to the public. It looked like a technical school for high school kids or something like that. We took the right, and followed the road all the way to where it ended at a cul-de-sac, and the highpoint of Ohio. The highpoint was well marked, with plaques, signs and a flag pole. My coworker and I spent time taking pictures, and posing at the highest point in Ohio. Exciting.

Summit Self Picture

Summit Self Picture

After pictures, I started off on my requisite 2 miles round trip run/walk/hike in order to call the highpoint official. I ran out of the property, and took a right – opposite direction from the highway. I basically ran down a country road until my turn around point, then turned around and came back – nothing too exciting. The trip was an easy 9:00 pace run, and I got out and back in 18:09. We jumped in the car, and continued our journey across Ohio, towards our next business destination. Part of me wanted to save my state’s highpoint for last, but I wasn’t going to pass up a free highpoint, only to have to drive 4 hours round trip from my house to get it at a later time. Ohio high point down!

Distance: 2 miles

Time: 18:09 RT


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