Britton Hill (345 feet) Highpoint of Florida – August 10, 2013


After dragging my family 2 hours out of our way in order to grab Cheaha Mountain yesterday, I had no intention of dragging them along for another Highpoint trip. Since the Highpoint of Florida would be about 2 hours from where we would be staying on vacation, my initial plan was to just grab Britton Hill as a roundtrip day-drive all by myself. But, before leaving our hotel for our last 3.5 hour drive to Gulf shores, I quickly checked the time differential if we were to grab Britton Hill on the way. It turned out that our 3.5 drive would be 4.5 hours instead. This was just one measly hour longer than going direct. To top it off, we couldn’t get the keys to our vacation place until later in the afternoon. So, with a bit more eye rolling from Meg, I convinced the family that we should grab the Highpoint of Florida together. The plan was set…

Kids at Britton Hill

Kids at Britton Hill

We started south, and continued almost due south, through the town of Florala, Alabama. Once passed Florala, we crossed the border of Florida, and the Highpoint was only a few minutes away. The Highpoint of Florida was in a nice small park. It was hot and humid, so the kids, Meg and I took a few quick pictures. Then, the kids and Meg jumped back into the air conditioned car, while I set off for my requisite 2 mile run for the Highpoint. It turns out that there is a nice little trail system that runs around the backside of the Highpoint park. There seemed to be two primary trails running through the woods. The trails were around 0.5 to 0.65 miles long. I much preferred the idea of running trails in the shade, rather than running along a boring road, in the scorching sun. So, I started running the trails. I immediately noticed that these trails were not well traveled. I was hitting small cob web strings about every minute or so. About 5 minutes in, I plowed through a huge full sized web, spread completely across the trail. I have to say, “that sucked.” I paused to stop and clean myself off, then started running again. To my dismay, a few minutes later, the exact same thing happened again. I stopped again, cleaned myself up, then continued running. The only thing that gave some hope was that I was taking these webs down on the first loop. So, on the second and third loops, I wouldn’t have to deal with anymore webs. Mostly that thinking was correct.

Britton Hill Marker

Britton Hill Marker

For the first and second loops, I ran the “red” trail twice. For the final loop, I decided to go ahead and grab the “blue” loop. Unfortunately, when I jumped on the “blue” loop, it was at the end, and I did not figure it out right away, but it actually caused me to backtrack most of the trails. And, by grabbing the “blue” loop at the end, I foolishly signed up to clean the remainder of the trail system’s spider webs. Argh… Overall, my 2 mile run ended up a bit long (about 2.2 mi). Run time was just over 21 minutes. It was pleasant, but I was soaked with sweat by the end. I jumped in the air conditioned car, and the family and I headed to our final destination.

Britton Hill Sign

Britton Hill Sign

The Highpoint of Florida was actually nicer than I expected it to be. At 345 feet above sea level, this was far from being a mountain peak. The small trail system was also nice and unexpected. The trip was nothing spectacular, but with a visit to Britton Hill, number 28 is complete.


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